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Game Servers Servers in United StatesHoa Kỳ Game Servers Logo
Dedicated Server
$186.94 /Hàng tháng
Chi tiết đầy đủ
  • Hệ điêu hanh
  • Hệ điêu hanh
    các cửa sổ
  • CPU
    6 Lõi
  • RAM
    64GB Ký ức
  • ĐĨA
    240GB SSD Không gian
    10TB Băng thông
  • IPS chuyên dụng
Dedicated Server
$72.69 /Hàng tháng
Chi tiết đầy đủ
  • Hệ điêu hanh
  • Hệ điêu hanh
    các cửa sổ
  • CPU
    4 Lõi
  • RAM
    16GB Ký ức
  • ĐĨA
    1TB Không gian
    10TB Băng thông
  • IPS chuyên dụng
Dedicated Server
$103.85 /Hàng tháng
Chi tiết đầy đủ
  • Hệ điêu hanh
  • Hệ điêu hanh
    các cửa sổ
  • CPU
    4 Lõi
  • RAM
    32GB Ký ức
  • ĐĨA
    120GB SSD Không gian
    10TB Băng thông
  • IPS chuyên dụng
Dedicated Server
$114.24 /Hàng tháng
Chi tiết đầy đủ
  • Hệ điêu hanh
  • Hệ điêu hanh
    các cửa sổ
  • CPU
    4 Lõi
  • RAM
    32GB Ký ức
  • ĐĨA
    240GB SSD Không gian
    10TB Băng thông
  • IPS chuyên dụng

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Information about Game Servers, which has 12 offices around the globe, is one of world's leading game hosting businesses. is home to the best online games, providing unparalleled support, reliability and other features that ensure customers have an unforgettable gaming experience.

You can also get dedicated services, such as installing your operating system and multiple games on your server, or hosting your websites.

Number 1 Game Server Provider with over 300,000. is the leading game hosting provider, with over 300,000. Customers served. You can trust us to be a reliable company and will always stand behind any product that you buy from. has a reputation for being the best host when hosting is required by major gaming studios. Many developers have been involved with us, such as Infinity Ward (Call of Duty Modern Warfare), Treyarch(Call of Duty Black Ops), Tripwire Interactive ("Killing Floor") and Epic Studios (Unreal Series).

Tech Support 24 x 7
We have friendly and dedicated technicians available to help you 24/7. They are there to help you if things go well. You can reach out to us to ask for mods or improvements to the control panel, as well as any other suggestions.

Switch between locations at any moment to get the largest network! is the world's leading provider of games. We have 35 points of presence. You don't have to stay in one of our offices - many services that we offer allow you to change your voice or game server to any datacenter, for up to four times per month.

Our custom Control Panel makes it easy to manage your server!
It can be difficult to manage your server. The control panel makes managing mods and games easy with a few clicks. Our games support more than 200 mods, which can be accessed with just a click!

ClanPay - Shared payments offers many options to fund your account. Pay with any of the major credit card options, your PayPal account, or send us a cheque. After you create an account, you can share any future payments with clan members through our ClanPay option. ClanPay will allow you to create a page on that your clan members can access. They will be able to view their servers and then make donations directly to your account.

Guaranteed Satisfaction is confident that you'll love it. We offer a 5-day money-back guarantee on all of our products. You can get a complete refund if you're not completely satisfied with the product within 5 days.

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Additional brands - GameTracker provides game server admins and gamers alike with details and statistics about their server and other game servers around the world, including rankings, players, and game information. - GameSpeak is a fully licensed provider of affordable Ventrilo and Teamspeak servers for guilds, clans, and teams.

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Gói Giá bán Dung lượng đĩa RAM Băng thông Hệ điêu hanh IPS chuyên dụng Số lượng CPU
E3-1220 $72.69 1TB 16GB 10TB windows server planelinux server plane 29 4
E3-1240v3 $103.85 SSD120GB 32GB 10TB windows server planelinux server plane 29 4
E3-1270v5 $114.24 SSD240GB 32GB 10TB windows server planelinux server plane 29 4
E5-1650v3 $186.94 SSD240GB 64GB 10TB windows server planelinux server plane 29 6

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Nov 02, 2010 08:51
$9.9535 Players Teamspeak 3
Pending Install

My balance: $0.00 (credit)

It went down on me and i have been waiting over 1 1/2 days for it to be restarted. this is not the only time this has happened. This happens once every 2 to 3 months. I have been with them for over a year now (one year six months) and I am tired of it. It takes forever for support to answer. I have resolved to calling them every hour on the hour to get a response. I am currently shopping for a new host that does do what they say and have 24/7 support. Gameservers does NOT have 24/7 support. Instead, you get an auto generated response when you submit a ticket. When you call the phone number listed for gameservers, it goes to voicemail and does not identify a person that the voice mail belongs ...

kevin flynn

Nov 06, 2011 09:17
máy chủ khủng khiếp khủng khiếp {
Tôi đã lưu trữ / quản lý các máy chủ chơi game chuyên dụng trong hơn 15 năm và tôi có thể nói không chút do dự hay hối tiếc rằng là máy chủ lưu trữ máy chủ tồi tệ nhất mà tôi từng thấy trong hơn 15 năm qua. Họ có một bộ phận hỗ trợ khách hàng khủng khiếp, hoặc khắc phục sự cố và sau đó trả lời vé của bạn như thể bạn chậm phát triển và không có vấn đề gì hoặc họ sẽ không sửa chữa gì và hành động như vậy. Hoặc họ sẽ không sửa chữa gì và nói với bạn rằng kế hoạch của họ là để nó lộn xộn như vậy ngay từ đầu. Điều THỰC SỰ sai là ĐÓ LÀ SỰ THẬT! Họ thực sự thà có một cái gì đó bị hỏng sau đó có bất kỳ sự hài lòng nào của khách hàng!

Phần tốt nhất tôi ...


Jan 12, 2012 06:17
No customer service. The low level tech answering ticket give u attitude and do not answer simple questions! I found them to be combative.

Oct 11, 2012 12:22
Support is atrocious, non responsive, non caring. Not unusual for a server to be down for days especially if over a weekend. Support will not respond to their tickets at times for almost 48 hours. We have been with GameServers for almost 5 years and the support has always been bad. If it is possible to us to get a server with any other host we do so now even though at one time all our servers were hosted with GameServers.

Apr 13, 2013 01:31
Had the server for less than a month, in that time the server was unstable, and constant crashes during prime time hours (weekends and holidays). But the 2 days of downtime at the end of my subscription was what did it, no help from custommer support during that time, and no reimbursement.

DO NOT support this firm, they will rip u of!!

Jan 06, 2013 08:36
the worst game server provider.... bought it today and can't even access the server or controll panel to change it name....


Feb 28, 2016 05:09
Không sử dụng
Máy chủ không ổn định, nhiều lỗi, hỗ trợ thì kinh khủng. Lừa đảo, họ không trả lại tiền cho tôi! Không nhận được một máy chủ với công ty này.

Đây là một công ty lừa đảo thuần túy, họ chỉ muốn tiền của bạn và khi họ nhận được nó, họ không cho một ****.

Sep 27, 2018 08:30
unfortunately they are very poor and very slow at comiing back to you on customer serveice, we experienced being lagged out , server constantly restarts and when ddosed we were all lagged off, they say they have protection but it doesnt feel like it

when we brought it to their attention they eventually suspended the server - not giving a fuck about our community that we have built up and the fact that they could have sent us a report and also moved us to a different hosting server was not even offered

avoid at all costs and go with someone who has better responses times in customer service - one that actually cares about their client

Mar 19, 2020 09:43
I don't know what these other reviews are talking about? I've been using GameServers for quite a few months now and their customer service is quick to respond, professional, and helpful. I've never had any technical difficulties and I'm sure if I did, they'd be on it in a snap. If you're looking for a good and affordable game hosting site, I'd give them a try. I've been really unsatisfied with other hosting sites in the past.

May 25, 2020 08:16
I was paying $8.28/mo for 5GB RAM server, and wanted to switch games to a game that requires far less resources, but they tell me I can't use my current subscription, and have to cancel and start a new one for the other game, and want me to pay $9.99/mo. for 1GB RAM, when I was paying $8.28/mo. for 5GB RAM. When I first started with them, I was so pleased that I finally found a game server host with a location near me that had decent latency, but the money grabbing can take a hike!


Oct 24, 2014 09:36
KHÔNG tin tưởng Người chơi trò chơi công bằng với bạn!
Nhóm của tôi đã thuê một máy chủ chuyên dụng từ Gameservers trong khoảng 9 tháng để chạy vm của chúng tôi cho MMOG mà chúng tôi chơi. Dịch vụ tốt nhất là tầm thường; dịch vụ khách hàng nhanh chóng phản hồi trong giai đoạn thiết lập ban đầu nhưng khi tiền đã đổi, họ khó bắt kịp và chúng tôi sẽ phải đợi hơn 24 giờ để nhận được phản hồi cho các vấn đề về thời gian chết, v.v.
Cuối cùng, quyết định rằng nó không đáng, chúng tôi đã tìm thấy một giải pháp thay thế tốt hơn nhiều và chúng tôi đã hủy dịch vụ Gameserver .. vì họ phản hồi rất chậm nên sau 4 ngày kể từ chu kỳ thanh toán tiếp theo. Bây giờ họ từ chối hoàn trả khoản thanh toán thừa cho dịch vụ máy chủ và thực sự có ...

david richardson

Jun 03, 2020 10:17
great company there customer service is really great , anytime i had a issue they responded very quick. The Game server i hosted thru them was also very reliable and very rarely had issues(that i didnt cause lol) i can say with all the server host have done buisness with in the past gameservers were among the best with quick responses to my support tickets and friendly staff(i wont name names but some of these other companys take hours/ days to respond to support tickets and make you seem like aburden when they do)


Jun 10, 2019 04:54
I have been dealing with gameservers for about 5 years now. Wonderful company to work with. If I ever had a problem they were right on top of it and I was notified when done. I have learned a lit of things from this company and very grateful to them.everyone I have dealt with has just been awesome. Thank you Gameserver

matthew Nolan

Jul 10, 2019 12:53
always great service and great staff! and GREAT SERVERS!!!!

Jonas Madsen

Jul 21, 2019 07:25
it took them a whole week to reply to a simple question and a whole month to help me out with my issue.

Justin Recklo

Jul 21, 2019 10:35
Garbage rust hosting, Tons of issues including it randomly wiping because it ran out of memory. They dont allocate nearly enough resources to servers. It constantly bugged out if you didnt restart at least once a day if not more. 0/10


Sep 04, 2019 07:29
Customer service was great but the server service was poor. Gets restarted often, no DDOS protection .


Oct 25, 2019 09:17
I had used Game servers in the past for COD2 and didnt realise it? So a few weeks ago I decided I'd rent a Battlefield 3 server as I still had a new set of keys id bought two years ago and forgot about it? Granted it is a minefield out there trying to find a decent server host for your game server but when I checked my folders on my email I saw Gameservers and thought id try them again, However, I hadnt used Rcon/Procon for years and forgot how to setup a server? I wanted dedicated maps but wasnt sure? I contacted Gameserver and they were really polite and said they would help set it up, I explained I would for the first month pay for the one month and if all goes well pay for the remaining 11 months in one go the next, They totally set the server up just how I wanted and explained ...

Peter G

Oct 26, 2019 02:07
Paid for a Assetto Corsa server, with extras on it, and the downhill experience started right away. Firstly, their customer service is pathetic. For assetto corsa servers (drift servers) you need more than 1gb of allotted space to have any sort of remotely reasonable server. Some cars are 500mb+ alone, and there's usually 10+ in a pack. When I could only upload 1 track and 1 car, I queried this and was told "1gb is more than enough, pick and choose what you upload". After arguing that it's NOWHERE near enough, it was left at that. Still 1gb and still useless. It takes them a few days to get back to any ticket you create, and also their attitude towards customers is terrible, given you're spending decent money on an overly high priced server that you can get elsewhere cheaper and (now I ...

Funk Master

Nov 11, 2019 03:44
When I first tried to make a payment it would not process, later I realized I was charged every time I tried to process the transaction, in total I was ripped off for $250, after complaining they refunded me $70, also they set my subscription to auto despite me selecting the one month option. In total what was supposed to be a $14 rental cost me almost $300, I had to block my credit card to stop them from taking money.

Kārlis 100ogas

Jan 22, 2020 05:30
Our server is crashing nearly every week, now there is some serious lag issues for everyone. Now it's lagging again and it wouldn't even let restart the server. Results are: lost public players and annoyed clan members. Unbelievable how they actually dare to ask such high price for their services.

mALX, of "The Chorrolites Guild"

Nov 16, 2019 06:46
Gameservers Review: I have used Gameservers for two years; and have been extremely pleased with their service throughout the entire time. They updated as needed so smoothly that I never experienced any down-time whatsoever. The entire two years of service I never had a single crash; while others I know who used other services crashed numerous times yearly. I have recommended your service to everyone; and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service so flawlessly!


Feb 21, 2020 12:24
Excellent customer support. Worth every single cent. I have been with them for over 10 years! I tried different services, but they're just that good.


Feb 23, 2020 07:06
Reliable server hosting, and great customer service!


Mar 13, 2020 01:43
My experience with was a pleasurable one. I had a voice server with them for four years. Pricing was reasonable, set up was easy, and they allowed all the server customization I personally needed. Server performance was fantastic with low latency, 99.9% up-time, and rare compression artifacting. I invested in a Teamspeak server as it provided the shortest delay between when one of us spoke and it was broadcasted to everyone in the channel. If it wasn't for my friends and I moving to Discord, I would have happily continued my subscription with It's been great!


Mar 19, 2020 07:39
I've been using GameServers Hosting for a while now to play Terraria with my friends and they've been nothing but prompt, professional, and helpful when it comes to my questions and helping me get everything set up just how I want it. I've never had any technical issues and my friends and I have a blast. Thanks GameServers! Thanks for putting up with all my support tickets, haha.

Marc Llobera

Apr 05, 2020 09:28
Bad server, bad support

Daw Mencap

May 05, 2020 07:34
few teething problems but mainly due to my lack of knowledge, server has been down, due to an update i believe, however support are relatively quick, i can never give 5 stars to someone who only has email support, but good value for money no major issues. overall happy guys thanks

diamant rose

May 07, 2020 07:30 , gameservers , is the best site for rent servers games , good ping , and a smooth gam , even in olds games , and it is one of the rare site wich you can find again olds games servers , like Left4dead1 etc , i rent my server there since October 2018 , and i never had a problem with them , they are so helpfull and patient with new admins , they did learn me too many things about servers admin ! they never give up when we ask for complexe problems servers , till it is aviable ! alos i like that game.servers , because they help for install or unstall plugins , till you learn how to do it yourself ! i really have nothing to say negative about them , they are best in my opinion ! didi

Craig EA Bainbridge

May 25, 2020 12:34
big thumbs up to Alexander Zeid for all his hard work he has helped me out so much in very little time if i could give more then 5 starts i would :)


Jan 28, 2020 09:10
I ordered a Space Engineers server. The servers was installed in +- 30 minutes. Problem was with the configuration, because no matter what I configured, after save and restart there was just the basic setup, which I could not change at all. I went to different provider, which had the server in 10 minutes and the config works without issues